Sunday, October 16, 2011

Top 10 Video Games

      After having so much fun with my list of top ten movies I have enjoyed I thought I would make a list of my top ten favorite games. I think these are the best. I know many will not like the absence of Zelda or other very popular games but these are the ones that made me feel like I was having the most fun.

1. Fallout 3: Very violent but man was this game fun! That came out wrong, the game is so detailed and so complete it makes you feel like after you have played it you really could survive in a post nuclear apocalyptic society. Super cool game.
2. Fable: Remember when HALO CE came out and you bought the original xbox so you could play it. Well I bought my 360 after renting Fable 2, just so I could play the rest of the game. Then me and my wife got Fable 1 and have since gotten Fable 3. Coolest games ever!
3. Morrowind: I think I wasted more of my life towards the end of my high school years playing this than in any other single thing. I remember all the fun things I could do. Including the building of a wall made completely up of the helmets of slain Ordinators. I also spent a lot of time being lost in it's vast map.
4. Modern Warfare 2: I am a traditional HALO fan, I have a family of HALO nuts but when I played this game I'm afraid HALO just took back seat. This game focuses way more on skill and accuracy instead of who has the rocket launcher, shotgun and Sniper rifle. The only multiplayer game I have ever spent playing into the wee hours of the morning.
5. HALO: The king of first person shooters. Sure maybe I like MW2 better as a multiplayer but this game is the reason the MW2 even exists. Most next gen FPS are all copy cats from this one game. It changed gaming forever and it holds a special place in my heart.
6. Final Fantasy 3: Although referred to as final fantasy six nowadays I knew it as final fantasy III when I played it for the first time on my SNES. Actually the games story was so enthralling to me an and my brothers that we just sat and watched my cousin play it because he could get through it the quickest and thus make the storyline progress the best. I still remember the triumph when we beat Ultros at the opera house for the first time after many many attempts.
7. Assassins Creed: The only games to date where I have wanted to get every single achievement even after beating the main storyline long ago. The Italian cities are lush and accurate and the artistry is outstanding and detailed. Sweet game.
8. Mario: Who doesn't love a good Mario game? Lots of great childhood memories with many of the titles under this particular franchise. Clean and entertaining.
9. Earthsiege II: Most people won't even know what this game is but for those of you that do I'm sure you would agree that it was one of the better old compute games ever made. It's like a mech warrior game with a storyline and a plot. It also spawned Starsiege and Tribes which although not AS good were still great titles.
10. Battle Tanx: Me and my brothers spent hours playing this game. The plot was a little weak but it was so much fun to play the four player multiplayer blowing each other up that the rest didn't keep it off of my list.
And for honorable mention I have "Perfect Dark" the best pre-Halo first person shooter. This game was awesome because of all the guns you could use and the fact that you could actually have computer simulated badguys after you.